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I’ve designed this course to be accessible to everyone even with no understanding of Photography. The workflow is laid out in a really intuitive way and can be fully utilized by beginners and experts alike. I regularly get messages from both amateurs and professionals telling me how much they’ve gotten from this course.

It depends! I can photograph a jewelry piece in just a few minutes. Some jewelry are more complicated and take a bit longer. I can confidently say that you will dramatically reduce your photography time when you use the tips and tricks that I demonstrate to you.

No, this course is designed for anyone who is passionate about jewelry photography. Yes, you can use this knowledge in a professional setting, but it’s just as useful for hobbyists and aspiring pros.

The course is available on-demand, so you choose when to watch and go at your own pace. 

This is a one-time purchase, there are no recurring charges, and we never store your payment information. 

Your relevent FAQ answer.

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